The Renaissance by Jozef Maudry

Translations that don't make any sense. Thousands of words, yet subject is the same. Infinitely touted phrases from tirelessly boring representatives of a society that already sees the bottom of the Abbys. There, in their service uniforms and convinced of their eloquent uniqueness.
A buzz in the head, rambling about saving values, preaching on dirty pretended and 1984 times tangled morality. Complete take over - goodbye logic and compassion! White over yellow and black. Glazing through the microscope of life, ignorantly taking charge of melanocytes, the true and only determinants of color.
Lo and behold! Another piece in our grand collection. A few species less, a few tenths of a degree more, but exactly 144 meters higher…at least some numbers make sense. They calm us down, mitigate the pain and avert the suicidal tendencies.
They come. As fragments or waves, they come. Some go unnoticed, others take whole cities with them. And as we accelerate, we forget. More efficiently, quietly. Time is on the loose, let’s repeat everything, over and over again!
Learning is the mother of wisdom after all. And yet mothers forgive their naive children and tyrannous men. It would be naive to think that nothing will change - after all - everything will be as before. Beautiful grey rainbow.
The Renaissance, but without new beginnings of modern age, humanism or empirical cognition.
The Renaissance' where I play a song, but no music can be heard. Unobtrusively, so as not to disturb you from your epistemic orgasms. In greyness they were born, in greyness they stand. Days, months, centuries, millennia - in parallel layers, thinking how it might be.

Let me draw you my perception of the world…

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