An indie apparel brand, based in Berlin, specializes in placing street art on ppl chests.

It seems that most fashion brands are happy to sell clothes with just their big logos on them. In their pursuit to show off human beings became a ‘walking billboards’ for status brands. ST!NK aim is to free humankind from this zombie destiny. We wish to replace these commercial icons with authentic artworks while supporting street art and street artists along the way.

Street artists charge our cities with thought-provoking artworks but, rarely get paid for that. On the contrary, they pay for art materials and many times required to wage big fines. A portion of the income goes directly to the artists. By doing so we help street artists pay the sprays and paper for the next session. So, they continue to provoke society without any filters.

Street art exists for only a heartbeat then it is covered with fresh paint. We offer people to become #StreetArtAngels by preserving genuine street art on their chest and sometimes on their back because we do have also a great back print collection.

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