The Girl(s) from Ipanema

Brazil of contrasts, a country of several countries inside it - peoples, cultures, colors, beauty and poverty. 

Girls watching guys playing football

The land of soccer, joy and sadness, health and disease, land of so many realities within a single one: hope for better days.
In its mix, Brazil meets the waddle. And dance to be able to stay upright, feed your people and support the desires and vanities of those who have a lot, but do not want to share. Still, vanity does not rule here. Sensitive and altruistic, a Brazilian guy always extends his hand to the other. Embraces, captivates, and invites samba. We are more than 200 million. Working hard, dreaming about the future. “Brave Brazilian people! Now the freedom dawned in Brazil's horizon“, sang our people on its Independence. Pure illusion. Where is the independence? We depend on everything, we depend on everyone. But Samba cannot stop... Never.
The Brazil of the most beautiful women in the world. “The girl from Ipanema goes walking and when she passes, each one she passes goes: A-a-ah!“. At the same time, Brazil of sexism, of violence against women. Brazil is a giant lying in a splendid cradle that never seems to wake up. But as said João Gilberto, “This Brazil, beautiful and wheaten, is my Brazilian Brazil, land of samba and tambourine“.