The world is changing fast

The inner and outer structures are being challenged in a profound way. 

Blurred silhouette, Vienna center

As we are faced with the uncertainty of our future, the fear of the unknown that we collectively share can easily colour a dystopian picture leaving many people feeling anxious and stressed. Stress creates a lower level of vital energy in the body and it affects the nervous system and it really compromises the immune system. All events are neutral and it is our perception that makes us feel positively or negatively about it. We are much more than our experience, we are the creators of our experience. I believe we are going through profound transformation where we have the opportunity to create a new structure that will help us to make positive choices, conscious choices. It is a time to reassess what is truly important in our lives and what we want to bring into our lives. We can now plant new seeds on the fertile ground. We can create positive routines to cultivate consciousness. Prioritise sleep, healthy diet, spiritual and emotional wellbeing so we find the courage and energy to reach our potential. Practices that harmonise body and mind like yoga and meditation have been shown to improve concentration and sleep ,they are used to treat chronic pain, anxiety and stress related disorders. The calming and relaxing effects of meditation also translate into increased emotional stability when confronting the inevitable challenges of life. Love, kindness and compassion are so important to bring forth in these times. This is what the world needs. A new foundation so we can reach this incredible new potential. This is made possible by our collective thoughts and intentional attitude. Take the time to nurture, love your body instead of falling into fear.