The bitter Taste of the End

A glass of wine and the truth comes out.

Sad couple in a restaurant

So many years together and today they don't recognize each other anymore. They were too young when the romance started. They had the same dreams: traveling the world, having children, building a family, a home, a successful career.
Yes, she was the ideal woman. And he swore eternal love, in joy or sadness, in health or in sickness. And suddenly, before the glass of wine, the promise broke.
Many promises, words that are worthless. Words come and go with the wind and melt away on the horizon. Spoken words, which were not written or recorded, are useless.
He didn't want it to be that way. But he now loves someone else and cannot go on. It's the end. Nothing else will be able to bring back the feeling that once brought them together.
He says it is her fault. She, who has always dedicated herself to her family, is now bitter about the words of the one who swore it would be forever.
Nothing, nothing in this world, can last forever. We were born doomed to the end. Whether we like it or not, the fate of the union is separation. Whatever the reason, whoever is to blame, one day everything comes to an end. Next to the wine in the cup, which, at the last drop, leaves the bitter taste of the end.