She walks the earth

In the age of social distancing, she walks alone.

Femme qui marche sur la plage

But, in her case, this is by choice, not by some state order. She’s alone, but she’s not lonely. Her connection to others, to nature, is not the result of high technology. She has limited access to that anyway.
Her connection is deeper, spiritual even. She is part of this Earth and she will always be part of it. The atoms and molecules on her body have combined in a unique, magical way to give her a soul but they will never disappear, neither will she, they will always be part of this cosmos. Her time as a living being is limited, for sure she knows this, but she is part of an ecosystem that will always regenerate itself.
She believes in her God but her faith transcends religion. She knows that all this energy - her energy - exists for a reason. She does not understand the reason, nor does she try to, she just knows. She is connected to her environment in ways that cannot be explained by the laws of physics.
Today, she is tranquil, happy even, though you could not tell from the expression on her face, nor from the way she moved. During the past few weeks, humanity has lost so much, but every being on Earth has gained so much more. We reconnected to the environment in ways that seemed impossible just a few months ago. We changed our lifestyle to protect ourselves from the perils of a virus and, in doing so, our salvation has been so much more meaningful.
Our emerging respect for the planet may have been powered upon us by an unknown force, but the smog has nonetheless cleared, and we are now able to see all that we have been missing in our busy, polluting and overconsuming recent past. Those who, like her, are not directly affected by this terrible disease, the fortunate ones, should take a step back and suck this moment in. As this is what happiness feels like.