Today is a happy day

Today is a happy day.

Asian couple in Bali eating

It is a closure of a phase, but the beginning of another. She is getting engaged to her college sweetheart. They met at a student music club- all was so natural. She played violin and he played saxophone. What attracted her is how he seemed to be engrossed by the music, the concentration, the pure appreciation and awe of the music. They practiced together, often until late. He walked her home and little by little, they found the attraction of each other, in addition to their common love for music. She later found out he is the son of a high-ranking government official. She hesitated…. She was not sure if that was for her…. She comes from a modest family- both parents are elementary school teachers. She still had a lot of dreams, and she did not want to marry into an influential family. She fled. She went to New York to study music, trying to find herself. She buried herself in her studies, and music. She was busy but unhappy… she missed him, missed the concerts they went to together, and missed their walks home afterward. It was five years ago. She is glad that she made the right decision five years ago. Today, they are getting engaged. She is happy with her decision…. It is a happy day!