She knows 3 things

(a) that men are less treacherous than women; (b) that they never notice what a woman is wearing because they're always mentally undressing her, (c) that as long as you've got breasts,thighs, buttocks and belly in good trim, you can conquer the world.
Paulo Coehlo, The Winner Stands Alone, 2009 

Lady from behing Cuba

Ah, the buttock of the Cuban Lady in white. Or as buttocks are also known: the posterior, backside, bottom, bum, butt, caboose, badonkadonk, cheeks, moon, tush, booty, and ass. In the picture, the man is holding the lady very tight whilst she is holding onto a lot of purses in her right hand. And in her left hand, she seems to be holding one more. Are they all hers? And what’s her name? Is she Kathy Ferreiro, the woman known as the ‘Cuban Kim Kardashian’? It doesn’t matter because for ages Cuban women have captured our imagination. From the fiction of Warren Miller (‘Cuban women with their magnificent breasts and hips’) to that of Graham Greene (‘brown eyes, dark hair, Spanish and high yellow, beautiful buttocks lean against the bars, waiting for any life to come along’). The main issue of the picture is the glorification of the woman’s well-rounded buttocks. In these times, it is important to recognize the true meaning of our buttocks: they allow us to sit upright without needing to rest our weight on our feet as four-legged animals do. And sit upright we will. We will perform our exercises, train our buttocks and sit through this crisis.

We will do so without any feelings of embarrassment that sometimes are connected with our backside. We will also not think of our posterior as a target of corporal punishment. So whilst the buttocks have been described in the Victorian school system in England as ‘the place provided by nature’ for such punishment, we will regard it otherwise. Instead, we will be positive of our buttocks. We will regard them as our main point of support that allows us to be fit physically as well as mentally. And we will be proud of them, just like the lady in white on the beautiful island of Cuba.