It is not a lack of love,

It is not a  lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”  Friedrich Nietzsche

Indian couple on a bench

I love puzzles. Love little word games. TVWPO – Sounded like a special qualification when I first read it. So many people wanted it or already had it. I wanted it too. “Lets start at the very beginning” as the song goes and the first letter T is very apt. Tea for teachers, tiffinboxes packed in the morning, for trishaws taking me to school. Seems very „traditional“? A way of communicating from ancestors to descendants? What could be eternal about my kind of childhood? Anyways – “Traditional” I earned by default. The letter V is actually a bit of a sneaky one, tightly linked to the first. Traditional schooling, family and up-bringing. All this sets a cozy setting for “Values”, which seem a bit too solid for my liking. Never did like these pesky nouns anyway. Verbs are more real to the moment, hard to grasp on to. Why can’t people say she has “traditional verbs” rather than “traditional values”? The joke is lost on most. W is not only, but also, Le Big Mac et Pommes Frites. “With”. Off I go into the wide world to get that something to go with. I couldn’t get me more of that tradition-stuff, that would have been too easy. Oh no, not me, I went out and became progressive. Very progressive university degrees, progressive jobs, progressive holidays, progressive points of view. All juxtaposed beautifully and now bold in mutual contrast. Progress? Change I say, which is guaranteed, progress maybe not.

The last letter, is now almost like a well known section in a musical etude. Outlook – another noun, nourishing my “Traditional Values” and my “progressive”ness. TVWPO – all the pieces laid out – Traditional Values with Progressive Outlook. A two headed Janus, a classic part of any matrimonial profile, having my cake and eating too.