I have never been to Cuba

…from down in the street, below my balcony the morning crawls up to me.

Lady in a market in Cuba

The morning and Criolo´s Convoque Seu Buda *‘Nin Jitsu, Oxalá, Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu
Shiva, Ganesha, Zé Pilin dai equilíbrio. Ao trabalhador que corre atrás do pão’.

Watching the market flow, feeling vibrations, the words of this song can´t be more pertinent. So much energy in such a petit form, so much hidden in such an unpretentious package. The whole city is soaked in it. In a weird state of hibernation, which when disrupted bursts into composition of tones, flavours and fragrances uncontrollably. Like Heisenberg´s uncertainty principle but reversed and whimsically peculiar.

**’Sonho em corrosão, migalhas são. Como assim bala perdida? O corpo caiu no chão!’. I wonder if people on the street understand Portuguese, trying to fill up my glass with thoughts about lady in white dress walking along, swaying to the rhythm of liberty, almost circadian... La libertad en albor. La libertad, I am very much familiar with. But here and now it has a distinctive odour of vintage rum and a bitter-sweet aftertaste. That feeling is somehow distinctive, as if I have experienced it already. But not in this place. Not with this woman…

In fact, I have never been to Cuba.

Criolo´s, Convoque seu Buda lyrics, English translation:
* ‘Ninjutsu, Oxalá, Capoeira, Jiu-Jitsu, Shiva, Ganesh and Zé Pilin, give balance to the worker who chases the bread’.
** ‘Dream in corrosion, it´s just scrap. What do you mean, stray bullet? The body fell on the ground’.